Court Accessories

Choose Your Accessories from Top International Brands

When CourTex Construction builds a court for you, it will include quality equipment and accessories from the best brands. See just a few of the choices below.

Basketball Goals

We offer basketball hoops from MegaSlam Hoops. Choose either a fixed or adjustable height goal, depending upon the age of those using the goal and whether it is being used in a public or private space.


We offer LED lighting to extend playing time into the evening hours. Choose stand-alone lighting or lights that attach to goals or fencing. Please be aware that after the lighting has been installed, the client will need to hire an electrician make the connection to the power source.


CourTex Construction offers fencing designed for a variety of situations. In public or commercial environments, we recommend metal fencing. For home courts, we offer another choice–soft mesh fencing designed only to prevent balls from escaping the court. Windscreens can be affixed to the metal fencing only. In all cases, fencing can be customized for the height desired/needed.

Net Systems

We offer a variety of nets for tennis and pickleball, including adjustable, multi-sport systems. We also have nets appropriate for sand volleyball. Request a rebounder net, so you can practice your volley anytime. We also have street hockey and mini-pitch soccer goals available.

A Court Ready for Play

CourTex Construction will install the top brands in court accessories, including basketball goals, nets, fencing, windscreens, and LED lighting. We will accurately line the court for the games you want to play. Your beautiful backyard court will be a point of pride for many years.