CourTex Was Up For The Challenge

Can you turn five tennis courts into 17 pickleball courts in FOUR DAYS? Of course, the team at CourTex Construction can do that!

Elevation Athletic Club in Lakeway hosted the Austin Showdown, a stop on the Carvana Professional Pickleball Tour March 16 – 19, 2023. The club management contacted CourTex Construction about getting their courts ready for the four-day PPA tournament. But they admitted that they needed a quick turnaround on the project. The tournament was going to draw both the top pickleball pros and lots of spectators. Matches would be live-streamed.  The club needed a big transformation in a short period of time to accommodate both its regular members and the needs of the tournament.

The CourTex team went to work. The five tennis courts were reconfigured into 17 pickleball courts and were totally resurfaced using Acrytech, the choice of the pickleball pros.

This was a challenge for our team, but we love challenges. It was a great way to show the world what we can do for pickleball fans in Texas.