CourTex Builds Dedicated Pickleball Facility for Seguin

The Seguin City Parks and Recreation Department recently opened a brand new pickleball facility constructed by CourTex Construction.

The Seguin-Saegert Pickleball Complex boasts nine pickleball courts with lighting. The complex will be open for play until 10 p.m. daily.

The facility was made possible when the city purchased land around a school that is no longer used from the Seguin ISD. Previously, the only public pickleball courts were in a city park where tennis courts had been restriped to allow for use by both tennis and pickleball players.

One local resident and pickleball fan, Eddy Willson, was thrilled with the complex. Wilson says the city didn’t just build pickleball courts. He says that they built an entire complex that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for pickleball players. Wilson says he believes these courts will attract players from all around the area.

“Oh man, this is beautiful. This is top notch right here. I mean there’s not any complexes around that compare to this right now. I mean you have to go to San Antonio or Austin to get these types of courts, so this is awesome,” Wilson said.

Jan Haas, who attended the grand opening of the complex, was also impressed. “I wanted to come and see the Seguin-Saegert complex and it is beautiful. I like the way the courts are spaced off and you won’t have to run far to get a ball and yet, you won’t have to interfere with others. It looks a very well-designed complex, and the lights will make it usable for many hours,” said Haas.

Seguin City Manager Steve Parker sang the praises of the pickleball complex during a city council meeting. Parker says staff did a terrific job working with CourTex to get this initial phase up and running. He says this is a great new amenity in the city of Seguin. The city plans to have phase two of this project completed by the summer. That will add parking, a covered picnic pavilion, and restrooms.